Late Show


Mercury Girls, Navy Gangs

Thu, March 9, 2017

Doors: 9:30 pm

Mercury Lounge

New York, NY

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is 18 and over

Heat - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
One only needs to take a quick glance at the bands that Montreal quintet Heat have been compared with to get a firm grasp on the visceral, wholesome noise they produce. From the brash pop of Echo and the Bunnymen to the post-punk leanings of Psychedelic Furs, this is a band that proudly take their place in the great alt-rock lineage, delivering rousing, thrilling anthems for the disenfranchised. Initially starting as “as an excuse to get together and drink”, Heat has grown in to something far more significant - and new record Overnight offers their most notable work to-date.

Recorded at Montreal’s Breakglass Studio, the recording process was something of a rocky road for the band but the resulting record is a vehement leap forward, and one that looks set to cement Heat’s status as one of Canada’s most formidable exports. Led by the band’s three founding members, Susil Sharma (Vocals, Guitar, Synth), Matthew Fiorentino (Guitar, Synth), and Raphael Bussieres (Bass), Overnight feels resolutely solid; old-school aesthetics delivered with a defiantly fresh-faced outlook.

Showcasing the bands shadowy undertones, lead single “Lush” is a heavy-hearted meeting of dark sentiments and inventive instrumentals, while closing track “Chains” offers something altogether more sparkling; a wildly ambitious seven-minute trip that matches Sharma’s slurring, hangover-ridden vocal with colorful washes of spaced-out, guitar-led soundscapes that sits alongside the likes of Preoccupations and DIIV at the forefront of the current alternative scene.

Co-produced by Grammy Award winner Alex Newport, who has worked with the likes of Death Cab and At The Drive In, Overnight is another significant milestone in Heat’s turbulent, tempestuous journey, but it’s a record that sees the band thriving in their current predicament. Ragged, raging, and unrestrained – they’ve simply never sounded better.

Overnight will be released on January 20th 2017, via Topshelf Records (US) / The Hand Recordings (CAN) / Rallye Records (JP).
Mercury Girls - (Set time: 10:15 PM)
Mercury Girls
Philadelphia, PA’s Mercury Girls features Sarah Schimineck, Andrew Hagiwara, Kevin Attics, Chris Schackerman, and Kevin O'Halloran. Schimineck, formerly of NYC Popfest alums Pet Milk is flanked by the shimmery and adventurous guitar interplay of Attics (Literature, former Pitchfork Media, Octopus Project, Single Frame) and O'Halloran (of indie heroes Little Big League, Run For Cover Records). Hagiwara and Schackerman provide rhythm creating a sound that pushes classic, dreamy Sarah Records-inspired indiepop into the red.

Despite having only formed in February of 2015, the group has already received endorsements from Chickfactor Magazine, Kip Berman (Pains of Being Pure at Heart), and Slumberland Records.

The group released their debut single, "Ariana" b/w "All That Heaven Allows" via Slumberland in May, followed by "Continental Drift", a split 12" release with Wildhoney, The Spook School, and Tigercats (via Slumberland / Fortuna Pop). They recently finished a full US/Canadian tour supporting Balance and Composure and Foxing.

"Emotional integrity by way of a rollicking drum beat and dreamy vocals that float atop a swirl of guitar. " - The Fader

"Breathless, sparkling indiepop... very catchy..." - BrooklynVegan

"Hazy swirl-y lo-fi jingle jangle indie pop that you will instantly like... This is poppy. It's pretty. It's punk. It's a Good Band!" - Oh My Rockness
Navy Gangs - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
Navy Gangs
Navy Gangs is a pop quintet currently residing in the washed out and overly demanding area of New York City. Singer/Guitarist Matthew Tillwick, Guitarist Noah Kohll, and Drummer Gavin Cordaro began orchestrating music together in 2012 at Central High School in the red light district of Omaha where they failed their junior years miserably. For 2 months they took jobs working in the desert dome at the Henry Doorly zoo until they saved enough of their dismal wages for one way bus passes to New York City, where they moved in temporarily with Kohll's grandmother Estelle. After making some new friends in Washington Square park, the 3 boys found themselves in a basement scene in little Italy. It was there that they met their bassist, Wilson Keithline from Providence, Rhode Island. Together they became Navy Gangs, a troupe who's songs grab influence from dark rooms, hopeless romanticism, table wine, and back page humor. On October 14th, they introduced their self-titled EP (mixed and mastered by Delicate Steve) in the US via No Roads Records.
Venue Information:
Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston St.
New York, NY, 10002