Auditorium, Rachel Goodrich, Clare And The Reasons, Baywood


Rachel Goodrich

Clare And The Reasons


Tue, September 11, 2012

Doors: 7:30 pm

Mercury Lounge

New York, NY

This event is 21 and over

Auditorium - (Set time: 10:30 PM)
Auditorium's critically acclaimed debut album, 2011's Be Brave,
clocked in at a lean 31 minutes and change, yet managed to pack more
jaw-dropping melodies, achingly beautiful harmonies, and intricately
woven arrangements into its 14 tracks than most artists' entire
catalogues. Buoyed by the response, a 4-song EP (Nights Worth Living)
was released in 2012 to similar acclaim; Radio Free Silver Lake
declared that it "contains four songs that could each individually be
seen as the best song of the year."

All of Auditorium's recordings are the sole creation of Los
Angeles-based singer/multi-instrumentalist Spencer Berger.
When Berger was nine years old, he bumped into Pavarotti. Not on the
street. On The Metropolitan Opera, where Berger performed
from the ages of nine to twelve. "He was enormous," Berger remembers.
"Like walking into a pillow the size of a mountain." While growing up
in Queens, NY, a friend of the family had heard Berger singing, and
urged his parents to have him audition for The Met. They balked. "They
weren't stage parents," Berger explains. "And they knew I had no idea
what an opera even was. But I guess this family friend pestered them
enough, so finally they asked me whether I wanted to audition. And I
didn't know any better, so I said yes."

After graduating with a music degree from Vassar College, Berger made
his way out to Los Angeles, where he recorded Be Brave in relative
secrecy over a three year period. Meanwhile, Berger found success as a
screenwriter and actor when a film he wrote and starred in, Skills Like
This, won the prestigious South by Southwest Film Festival Audience
Award. It was released in art-house theaters across the country,
including The Angelika right here in NYC.
Rachel Goodrich - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
Rachel Goodrich
Hailing from Miami Beach, FL, 24 Year Old Rachel Goodrich has been playing music and writing songs since age 12.

She explores a variety of sounds,playing everything from the guitar to the ukulele, piano, kazoo, banjo, and autoharp.

Creating this unique and exciting style, Rachel draws on some of her influences which include Joni Mitchell, The Grateful Dead, Tiny Tim, Dr. Seuss, The Lovin' Spoonful, Bob Dylan & The Band, and so many more.

With an eclectic live show featuring a growing collection of band members and toys, Rachel has carved out her own genre she calls "shake-a-billy."
Clare And The Reasons - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Clare And The Reasons
Clare and the Reasons call Brooklyn home, but after touring around the world extensively for their first two albums with Van Dyke Parks, My Brightest Diamond, and on their own, they needed a new setting - one that would make them see and hear differently. For 8 months in 2011 they lived in an apartment on Berlin's Bergstrasse, on the western edges of what used to be the East. They got a 1968 Schwalbe moped - model KR-51 - and sped around the city at a velocity the congested New York streets would have prohibited. While riding under the vast skies of Berlin, the city a blurred filmstrip of cobblestones, trees, and graffiti, they dreamed up the sounds of this new record. After months of writing under the influence of Berlin they packed up a van and drove to Haldern-Rees, a little German village, to record KR-51. In Oct-Nov of 2011, they recorded for long hours, in between bicycling in and around cow fields, under an unimaginable number of stars. The neighbors in the village brought the band homemade apple cake, and the sheep became familiar with the band "bahhing" at them in a strange New York accent as they walked past. The cows offered encouragement and fresh milk to the band.

Olivier fancies himself a goat farmer, from rural France, but instead he's a conservatory trained Parisian violinist and composer. Clare had a not-so-booming business of selling frogs by the side of the road as a child, and is the offspring of Geoff Muldaur. As a teen, Bob had the hair to prove he could play every note of Yngwie Malmsteen's guitar solos (yes, he can!). This picturesque mixture of personalities has formed music rich in imagery, resulting in their songs being featured in several films and commercials. They have shared the stage with Devotchka, Vic Chesnutt, St. Vincent, Nouvelle Vague and others. Highlights from their most recent tours are The Meltdown Festival in London's Queen Elizabeth Hall, Primavera Festival in Barcelona, Moogfest in Asheville, Pop Montreal, La Cigale in Paris, The Paradiso in Amsterdam (released as a live CD), Union Chapel in London, and three trips to play in the band's beloved Japan in just over a year.

Their debut album "The Movie" had a clear warm sound with a large string section artfully arranged by Olivier Manchon, recorded in an orchestral room and mixed to tape. Collaborators of great talent stepped in; Sufjan Stevens sang a duet with Clare and Van Dyke Parks played piano on one song. On their second album "Arrow", the band experimented with more electronic elements, brass, and a stacked approach. Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond) lent her voice to a song. The album was a stepping stone to their newest effort. KR-51 resided at the top a very steep hill for the band, a writing process filled with heartache, raw honesty, relentless practice, and a tireless willingness to throw things away. Clare studied the way Lotte Lenya delivered so convincingly, and you may hear the adventurous attitude of early Kate Bush in Clare's writing. The great James McAlister (Sufjan Stevens) played drums on the album, filling it with crunch and bang, driving the record. Clare and the Reasons are not interested in the easy way, they are interested in the musical way. In a world of sound banks and sequencers, an orchestra made up of members of the Orchestre de Paris materialized, and was recorded live in Paris, something Clare and the Reasons consider a miracle.

The band sunk themselves into a city of many histories, a city of concrete boxes and fluted columns. Those contrasts, at times stark and streamlined, at times grandly lush, show up in the 11 songs on KR-51. They carry the meticulous orchestration and innovative songwriting Clare and the Reasons are known for, while also carrying a little more sorrow, a lot more distorted guitar, and a little more darkness of heart. Clare, Olivier and Bob were given room to contribute what only they could as musicians, in the beautiful recording studio sprouted in the middle of a vast sea of farm green. Clare and the Reasons' third album, KR-51, will be released July 10th in North America, and July 3rd in Japan. This album is their Berlin.
Baywood - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
The Story of Baywood

In late 2010, fate came a-knocking for Joe Ginsberg and Jarrad Kritzstein - two young Eastside gentlemen filled to the brim with creativity, talent, and facial hair. The pair were instant friends and considered the possibility of a "separated at birth" hospital error as all took note that they could be in the same police line-up with their dark Jewish locks, black rimmed glasses, and extensive wardrobe of flannel shirts. Perhaps their connection was brought on by a shared ability to pluck away at virtually any instrument under the sun. Maybe it was their shared love of Australian accents. Regardless of the cause, both fellows felt gratitude in finding a brand new partner in crime.

Some people say when you meet your true doppleganger, the universe explodes. Luckily, this didn't happen. Instead Jarrad and Joe began a darling bromance and bonded over music, whiskey, girls, and heartbreak. While playing in Audra Mae's band, The Almighty Sound, and becoming a big, happy Silverlake family, Jarrad and Joe quickly ascended to a new level of communication thanks to some kind of shared-brain connection. It was a coded language consisting primarily of abbreviations, catchphrases, and hashtags. Verbal chatter led to music chatter so under Audra's encouragement, Joe shared some old garage band recordings with Jarrad that he had left unattended over the last year. After a quick listen in a room conveniently filled with acoustic instruments, they finished their first song "I Can Breathe Again" in just a few hours.

With inspiration so thick from wounded hearts and the buzz of meeting their creative matches, the two proceeded to write and record 5 songs in 5 hangs. They passed their music to friends and family only to receive rave reviews and inquiries as to what the band was called and when they'd be sharing their creations with the public. After some brief telepathic Jarrad-to-Joe communication they agreed it was time to become a band. As they stood on Jarrad's front stoop contemplating what to call themselves, they reflected on all the great times they'd had on Baywood street, home of Jarrad's studio and all their recording sessions. The name Baywood... yeahBAYWOOD... stuck for all the positivity and creative energy it brought the pair, and a brand new earthy, acoustic, folk pop band was born.
Venue Information:
Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston St.
New York, NY, 10002