Brothers NYC

Brothers NYC

Daddy Long Legs, The Dead Exs, The National Reserve

Mon, February 11, 2013

Doors: 7:30 pm

Mercury Lounge

New York, NY

This event is 21 and over

Brothers NYC - (Set time: 10:30 PM)
Brothers NYC
"You will love the New York City band Brothers if you like any of the following, OR all of the following:
Cigarettes, or cigars, either way, just something that you light with fire and place into your mouth.
Motorcycles, the ones that purr or the ones that rattle teeth…The pats on the back that the devil gives you every so often, when you do something good…Taverns, dirty ones, with a tiny selection, but exactly what you want to drink copious amounts of…Beaches…Decks…Boots with stomping soles and jean jackets without sleeves…Calling girls that you're having sex with mama…Whiskey by the barrel…Dogs, any kind…Gun powder and feeling somewhat desperate…Hard-fought harmonies pouring out of a bunch of rough around the collar men…Mud…A good, endless night without a care or a plan…Hangovers - if only because they mean that you went for it the night before…Bars…Pubs…Nightspots…Wearing the same pair of jeans (or trousers) for a week or two straight because, it's only then, that they feel right.…Tattoos that involve tits.…Professional wrestling, the way it used to be when George "The Animal" Steele was eating white-foam turnbuckles that were mysteriously turning his tongue green and guys like The American Dream Dusty Rhodes was considered an athlete and the crazy fucking this is, he was an athlete…Loud guitars and punishing drums.…The feeling that you've got a posse.…The feeling that you're not gonna lose, even if you can't win. - "
Daddy Long Legs - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
Daddy Long Legs
From the esteemed Norton Records label comes one of the wildest and most exciting groups of the current roots and blues revolution. Daddy Long Legs-named for its harp-blowing, blues-bellowing frontman, is a blues hollerer who blurs any definition by age or color. He growls, barks, yelps, and wails without sounding like an imitation of anyone or anything. This is simply pull-the-cord-and-let-the-snot-fly blues.

His partners in crime are cut from the same sweat-and-whiskey-soaked cloth. Guitarist Murat Akturk cranks out everything from powerhouse country blues rhythms to slinky-assed multi-stringed slide riffs that bump and grind up against Daddy Long Legs’ harp. Drummer/percussionist Josh Styles keeps it simple and right on, sometimes locking in with his bandmates for a triple-punch deep-as-Hell-itself groove; other times head-down and leading the charge himself, slamming shovelfuls of coal into the beast.

The resulting gutsy, rocking blues spans the gamut from the churning romp of the album opener “Death Train Blues” to the nasty hoodoo stomp of ”Evil Eye” that closes things down. Yeah, you’ve heard players bring the train into the station before – but by the time Daddy Long Legs wrestles the thing to a halt, everyone’s covered in sweat.

Their ”Evil Eye On You” LP was definitely not an attempt to domesticate the sound of Daddy Long Legs in a studio setting; the twelve cuts are wild and wooly and real. Infuse a few hisses and pops into the tracks and it would be easy to believe this music was recorded a few decades ago, but no – Daddy Long Legs is happening right now, boys and girls.
The Dead Exs - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
The Dead Exs
Simplicity has always been key to some of the best things in life and some of the best music. However, classifying The Dead Exs as a simple Blues band in no way describes them or their curious career spike. The pair of rouge Bluesmen managed to pack a hard chopping edge with mo-town beats throughout the entire Dead Exs debut album, “Resurrection.” Its far from the simple 12 bar Blues, being recycled by similar indie two-piece Blues bands. - Johnny Rocco -

Listen closely and you will hear, The Dead Exs aren't just a back to basics blues revival. With David Pattillo's gritty wails and garage punk delta slide and Wylie Wirth's thunderous finesse of an old Ludwig kit there is immediately a sense that these guys do something fresh and new. To anyone's ears the two would appear to be a full band, but look up on stage and there they are, just a duo fronted by Pattillo looking like a frenetic Neil Young going from the subtle to the extreme, and howlin' all the way. The Dead Exs walk the line of mayhem and control that keeps u riveted, knowing that at any minute they could just rip the roof off the joint.

Playing shows with rock stalwarts like The Del Fuegos, Texas legend Ray Wylie Hubbard and female revivalists Lez Zeppelin, their songs have appeared on internet blogs and mixtapes, risen to the tops of twitter music charts and attracted invitations to perform for rock fashion icons like John Varvatos and Andy Hilfiger. They have swaggered on stage at the Mumford & Sons established Communion concert series in Brooklyn and been the featured artist in a global broadcast by rock legend BP Fallon. Even rock god Alice Cooper gave them a spin and a shout on his syndicated radio show. The fans of the Deli Magazine voted them NYC Artist of The Month. Snowboard, surf and even a punk rock fishing show have added their music to episodes and trailers. You can even have your own Dead Exs Radio on Pandora.

Although Pattillo is a producer with a credit list from Robert Plant to the The Hold Steady, and The Black Crowes to Ray LaMontagne his love for the vintage raw recordings of Howlin’ Wolf and the garage rock of The Sonics inspired him to go back to his roots. He connected with venerate drum master Wylie Wirth who had been touring in Europe and the US with acclaimed blues artist Will Scott, and the Warner Bros act Sweet Lizard Illtet among others. A midnight jam ensued and The Dead Exs was born.

With their 2011 debut record Resurrection currently available at all outlets and Relovolution coming in fall 2012, The Dead Exs bring their rock & roll message to the people. Its a positive boost of motivational blues, and a plain spoken take on American working class woes. Its a heap of love trouble, an irreverent social commentary, and a handful of fight songs for the 99%. Mix equal parts inspiration, perspiration and a shared cultural evolution and you've got a Relovolution. Just put your hands in the air, howl at the moon, jump for the stars, and shake that thing.
The National Reserve - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
The National Reserve
"Sean Walsh and the National reserve are a group of friends that will sleep on your couch, sing in your shower, drink your beer, cook you dinner, play in your town, park in front of your house, sing you songs, make you laugh, talk to your girlfriend, stay up late with you, and hopefully at some point make your heart a little lighter if you'd like."
Venue Information:
Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston St.
New York, NY, 10002