Tim Noyes  (of Aunt Martha), Leagues

Early Show

Tim Noyes (of Aunt Martha)


Thu, February 21, 2013

Doors: 6:30 pm

Mercury Lounge

New York, NY

$10 advance / $12 day of show

This event is 21 and over

Tim Noyes (of Aunt Martha) - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
Tim Noyes  (of Aunt Martha)
Tim Noyes has spent the last three years as the front-man and songwriter for New
England based indie-folk band Aunt Martha. With his debut album, In Hands (available
Feb. 19), he sets out on his own with a fresh lineup of musicians and a revamped
sound. What were once primarily acoustic guitar and violin driven songs give way to a
denser, more dynamic style characterized by layers of synth, electric guitars and
defined drums. Against this fresh backdrop, Noyesʼ writing takes on brand new life
while remaining anchored to its defining elements: his signature, melancholy croon and
a knack for simple, profound melodies.
Multi-instrumentalist and arranger Grant Zubritsky is the impetus behind the elevated
new arrangements. The two met while attending college together in upstate New York.
Noyes, not yet a performer and barely a musician, attended Zubritskyʼs shows in bars
and basements on campus. After graduation, they each found themselves working as
teachers in New York City: Noyes in The Bronx and Zubritsky in Brooklyn. Noyes soon
formed Aunt Martha, and years later left the city to tour full time. When the songs that
would eventually make up In Hands began to take shape, it was a phone call to
Zubritsky that set the wheels in motion.
The two met between tours to rehearse and arrange songs that Noyes had written on
the road. Sparse demos, recorded over the course of a year in motel rooms, friendsʼ
apartments and backseats of cars, soon gave way to the richness that makes up In
Hands. After months in New York, the duo, plus some of the cityʼs finest players,
headed south to record in Charlottesville, Virginia. Over the next ten days in a remote
studio converted from a barn, the album took on a shape fitting of its surroundings:
carefully orchestrated yet innately organic, at the intersection of traditional and modern.
Leagues - (Set time: 6:30 PM)
In the process of writing and recording this summer’s self-titled EP, the members of Leagues asked of
everyone who touched the project the same thing they required of themselves. Be your secret self. Be
the person you’ve always dreamed of being, but were perhaps too insecure or had simply grown too
calloused after years of navigating the murky water that is making a living of music. Whichever is the
case, fear or cynicism, check it at the door. They ask the same of listeners. Be your secret self.

LEAGUES is Thad Cockrell (lead vocal), Tyler Burkum (guitar), Mike Simons (bass) and Jeremy Lutito

B E G I N N I N G.

In 2008, Simons and Cockrell met in Raleigh, North Carolina where Simons had begun playing bass
for Cockrell when he had shows around town. They soon began writing together and eventually talked
of starting a band. Cockrell mentioned that his first choice for a drummer would be acquaintance and
Nashville native Jeremy Lutito, having seen him play a few years early and proclaiming, “if I ever start
a band, that guy is my guy.” In similar fashion, Simons voiced his choice for a guitar player would be
Minnesota-based Tyler Burkum based solely on the experience of working with Burkum on a project
eight years prior.

On a trip to Nashville in January 2010, Cockrell reached out to Lutito and floated the idea of starting a
band and related the vision he and Simons shared. When he brought up the idea of Burkum as a potential
guitar player, Lutito promptly started laughing. He then relayed that he had been playing with Burkum
in a band as hired guns for the past two years and that they had always talked about starting a band.

S H O W I N G U P.

In March of 2010, after what can only be described as a serendipitous start, the foursome convened in
Nashville, Tennessee and walked into a studio together for the first time not knowing what to expect.
From that first session, whatever was going on in the room was decidedly more than just jamming.
Instead it sounded like something was trying to elbow its way into the room; the sound of something
trying to become - if that makes any sense. In the air there was a collective spirit of “let’s show up and
see what happens.” Lucky for listeners, something happened and they’ve been showing up ever since.

Deciding that they would set aside conventional wisdom, the foursome put everything they had and
pledged what they didn’t yet have to this band and these songs that were being born. Everybody wins or

everybody loses. They continued to meet in Nashville to write and play for a few days at a time every
6 weeks or so throughout 2010. This past December, Leagues began self producing 10 songs (three
of which make up the self-titled EP) assisted by the engineering and mixing of Vance Powell and with
friend Marshall Altman producing vocals.

T H E M U S I C.

The members of LEAGUES have been around long enough to not be naïve, but have also managed to
hold what they do with the right amount of reverence and wonder. They know that in order for music
to connect in this age of segmentation and uber-fragmented music landscapes that it is going to take
something just short of a miracle. They admit that they must rely on others to catch the vision or to put
it in the fashion of a typical southern colloquialism, “it’s going to take a lot of water to make this thing

Leagues wants to connect with people. The way they see it, the music is as much audiences as it is the
bands. While they obviously are making music that they love, they also have the listener’s pleasure and
joy in mind. Ultimately, they would like their music to transcend the fractures in popular music and
invite everyone to engage with the songs and take ownership of them.

“My favorite music connects people and engages you to participate,” says Cockrell. “Look at folk
music, those songs got passed down because it was something people could sing together.”

That’s your invitation. Bring your secret self and come sing with the band.
Venue Information:
Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston St.
New York, NY, 10002