Doe Paoro, Isaac Delusion

Early Show

Doe Paoro

Isaac Delusion

Wed, February 27, 2013

Doors: 6:30 pm

Mercury Lounge

New York, NY

This event is 21 and over

Doe Paoro - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
Doe Paoro
Acclaimed New York City-based singer-songwriter Doe Paoro discovered her true creative self in letting go of the idea of being a musician to heed an inner directive.

In a different guise, Paoro was known and respected within the NYC music scene as a soul singer with a modern spin. Though, during a period of personal reflection away from music in 2010, Paoro went to travel by herself for eight months, throughout Egypt, Greece and India. In India she unintentionally came across the Tibetan folk opera singing tradition, and, in a poetically ironic twist, became enamored with its expressive qualities. When she studied this music form from a Tibetan instructor, it reawakened and deepened her connection with the voice. It broke down her inner creative and emotional blockings and revealed fresh, intimate, and powerful modes of expression.

In 2012, she channeled this newfound musicality into her stunning DIY debut, Slow To Love. Paoro’s homespun album has been praised by Stereogum, Noisey, Consequence Of Sound, The Village Voice and New York Magazine, among others. For her latest offering—an EP entitled Ink on the Walls—she and songwriting partner Adam Rhodes went to Wisconsin to work with the Bon Iver creative camp for her strongest and most fully realized release yet.

Ink on the Walls, which will precede Paoro's sophomore full-length, represents the creative breakthrough after the spiritual breakthrough. Much of Paoro’s artistry is tied to ecological and humanitarian concerns, and the album benefited from the serenity of being recorded in November in bucolic Wisconsin during last year's first snow, and the joy of solitude found in Justin Vernon's April Base Studios with Bon Iver drummer S. Carey producing and Vernon guesting. Co-production and engineering came via BJ Burton (Volcano Choir, POLIÇA, The Love Language) who additionally mixed the EP.

Doe Paoro’s highly personal approach to furthering the soul music lineage has garnered her comparisons with innovators such as D'Angelo, Lykke Li and James Blake. These redemptive and moody songs explore universal themes of love, loss, nature, and existentialism with bold vulnerability, smoldering, futuristic R&B elegance, and mesmerizing textured ambience.

The hauntingly gorgeous “Nobody” addresses the din of deflating voices we hear in our heads and sonically invoke the dizzying effect of this chatter with strategically placed effects-treated vocals poking in and out of the mix. The introspective “Nostalgia" was written with Peter Morén of the Swedish indie pop band Peter Bjorn and John, and it reflects this merger of talents. It patently unfolds from impactful deconstruction—moony ambience, a simple beat, and airy vocals—to synth pop bliss. “That song is about people getting lost in their past and repeating the same habits,” Paoro reveals. The entrancing and eerie electro gospel of “Walking Backwards” puts forth a gripping snapshot of unbalance in humanity and nature. And the sweeping and uplifting electro-pop of “Hypotheticals” meditates on the futility of regret.

Reflecting on her path, Doe Paoro says: “I had the revelation that the second you give up ambitions and expectations, you make room to have it all.” It’s a transformative message that’s connected with fans. “We’re all dealing with a similar set of questions. Music speaks to our experience together.”
Isaac Delusion - (Set time: 6:30 PM)
Isaac Delusion are three Paris-based multidisciplinary artists who are continually exploring new musical landscapes. From deep to high pitches, Loic's distinctive voice allows him to find the right tone and create his own identity with every breath.
Loic's imagination makes him a mysterious character. His trips to Iceland and his love for American pop folk led him to compose with his friend Jules.
The trio's first offering, the Midnight Sun EP, was released on the esteemed French taste-maker label Cracki Records in early 2012. The EP is full of honest and simple pop songs, including the instant favorite, "Midnight Sun." Chris Douridas from KCRW best describes the tracks as "a burst of sweetly-sung pop propelled by catchy beats."
Early Morning, the trio's second EP also on Cracki Records, mixes pop, electronic, hip hop loops, folk and a funk bass, all with an unbearable lightness. It's a step forward for the band and shows an ongoing musical evolution. All this has been amplifying lately, from shows in New York for the CMJ Festival to Berlin, Barcelona and Warsaw, with a set at the 2012 Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris.
Just like a dream disappears when trying to catch one, Isaac Delusion's music is elusive. The first release was about sun at midnight, the second is about dawn. The band is currently working on a full-length album for release in 2013, keeping us all awake.
Venue Information:
Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston St.
New York, NY, 10002