The Living Kills, Tuff Sunshine

The Living Kills

Tuff Sunshine

Johanna Samuels, Dave Wanamaker (of Loveless)

Sun, February 24, 2013

Doors: 7:00 pm

Mercury Lounge

New York, NY

This event is 21 and over

The Living Kills - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
The Living Kills
“The Living Kills look, on the surface, like any other New York indie band waiting for its big break into the mainstream, but after one listen to 'Angels Without Faces,' it becomes evident that’s not the case. Organs, synthesizers, ticking clocks and smoky male-and-female vocals make the group stand out from its peers...Faceless Angels (Past Futures) possesses new yet surprisingly nostalgic tracks." - Magnet Magazine

“These New York rocker’s newest album features creeping organ, tons of noise and a great mix of ’60s guitar nostalgia and modern shoe-gaze.” -AOL Music/Spinner

“There’s a splendor inside ‘Angels Without Faces’ that makes it distinguishable amongst the bands you just come to know. The intro is profound, determined and vigorous...It’s as though The Living Kills, within the time of only a debut EP and this, have piled up a portfolio of confidence." - Ghost FM

“Listening to this Brooklyn band feels like an eerie dream, like there’s a ghost lingering in their psychedelic rock. It’s unlikely that any of the members of The Living Kills lived through the 60s, yet their music can be easily confused as something from that era. Many of today’s up-and-coming bands, from Echo Park to Brooklyn, sound like the 60s, but not like this. The Living Kills sounds like The Doors and Jefferson Airplane. Their music is spooky and poetic, like an early Tim Burton movie.” -

“This psych rock outfit experiments with electric keyboard drones and and live effects, spinning cult classic projections and a passionate frontman. The cool, dark feel of the music - echo-y and chilled - can turn quite loud and plowing, an enveloping vibe to revel in.” - The Deli New York
Tuff Sunshine - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Tuff Sunshine
Here comes the band Tuff Sunshine who have been attracting the youth market to the greatest extent with dynamo-music, which we know will enrich your future! Why not be among the first of your peers to discover?

Guys and women love their musics which perfectly suit their taste in ipods: some 2-door garage, some sweeter harmony like the popular, 70’s classical and always a twist with indie-terms. Known for wonderful song-words outside the normal of usual lovesong, subscribers with roots in Artic Monkeys, Pixies to Abbott Costello and other songsters like the T Rex will redeem it. The reason of success is the dedication, which can be seen in the song-craft and playing style that has the critical mass saying they have a genius-hold on the youth.

The band members John Leitera (the singing of the song and guitar, from Low Water before) Ani Cordero (drumming and used to touring with Man...Or Astroman? and Dean and Britta and Cordero) and Turner Stough (playing of bass and several New York acts) have shared knowing other bands you heard on and each bring a style that is certainly remarkable to the remainder, coming from the huge amount.

From Brooklyn and providing the new EP, “Half-mast/Steadfast” full of worthwhile selections and obtaining an all-time look, they will meticulously guide the radio chartings further on. This recording not made in a former condiment factory or fashion barn, but in the real studio element! The songs are sounding unlike the main streaming of radio. No wonder the early critiques have said they are the ones to beat?

Certain, now is the time to see this band playing on the stage as real as possible! More information maybe on
Johanna Samuels - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Johanna Samuels
Johanna Samuels reminds us that pop music isn't so bad. That, despite its sometimes saccharine, sometimes structured outer coat, it is raw on the inside, and full of ache. Johanna grew up on pop music. Lennon and McCartney, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Paul Simon, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Van Morrison, The Band. Johanna would play these songs on repeat and rush to the piano to find the melody on the keys. Chasing out a beloved lick helped her capture what she loved about each song, helped her understand the feeling behind the chord progressions. To this day, Johanna still plays by ear, but this is hardly a handicap-she approaches songwriting without the logic of measures and keys and time signatures. The result is a wonderfully pure collection of songs, melodically uninhibited and lyrically generous.

You'd never know that Johanna, now a darling of the music blog circuit, was the quiet one. Always the accompanist, the rhythm section, the backup. She liked to blend in, a skill she honed in choir. For Johanna, harmonizing in choir triggered a new passion for contemporary pop artists who thrived on melody: folks like Elliott Smith, Ben Kweller, Jon Brion, and Aimee Mann. Even though Johanna felt more comfortable sussing out the songs of her idols on the piano, she began writing songs of her own while attending college in New York City.

During that time, she wrote and collaborated with friends in her hometown of Los Angeles as she pieced together her first two projects, "A Little Bit of Both" and "Lemonade". Both of which were little more than a collection of demos, produced and recorded on Johanna's laptop. Upon returning to Brooklyn, she wanted to produce something cleaner, thus "Giant Fantasy Life" was born. Recorded at a friend's studio on Sundays for the better part of a year, the album is named after a line from one of Johanna's favorite Elliott Smith songs. The songs deal with the discrepancies between the physical world and that of the mind, and the complications that come with reconciling the two. "That's what the mind is," Johanna says, "a giant fantasy life." She looks forward to recording and releasing her new album "Double Bind" this coming spring.
Dave Wanamaker (of Loveless) - (Set time: 7:00 PM)
Dave Wanamaker (of Loveless)
London-born, New York based songwriter Dave Wanamaker (Loveless) returns with a new band and his debut solo effort, Shelter. Recorded in Nashville at Ronnie’s Place (past musical home of Ronnie Milsap and Roy Orbison) and co-produced with long-time friend Gibb Droll, Shelter is both timely and timeless. Sonically lush and emotionally complex -- a sort of country-inflected, atmospheric Brit-pop -- Shelter showcases Wanamaker’s hook-laden, streamlined songwriting and echoes with shimmering, dream-like guitars, subdued lyrics and finely wrought storytelling. “This is really a natural continuation of the writing I started with Loveless, and recording it -mostly live- with these guys was a real departure from the production I’m used to. It turned into something really special as a collaboration.” Wanamaker is joined by New York and Boston music scene stalwarts Joe McMahon (bass), Pete Caldes (drums), Jay Barclay (guitars), Matt Pynn (Pedal steel) and Chris LoPresto (Synth).
Venue Information:
Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston St.
New York, NY, 10002