Imaginary People, pILLOW tHEORY, Animal Talk

Imaginary People


Animal Talk

Tue, September 3, 2013

Doors: 6:30 pm

Mercury Lounge

New York, NY

This event is 21 and over

Imaginary People - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Imaginary People
After some fine tuning Imaginary People is releasing their self titled debut EP. The band formed as a collective of individuals coming from differing backgrounds and assembled in late 2012 by core members Dylan Von Wagner[vocals], Mark Roth[guitar], Justin Repasky[keys], Joe Zdaa[drums], and supplemented in the studio and live by Grant Zubritsky [bass]. In this EP, Imaginary People seek to carve out a niche for themselves with a style designated as Dance Americana.

In the winter of 2013 the band decided to throw themselves into a room for months and focus on song craft. This allowed themselves the time to build the songs up, strip them down, and harness their integrity. This EP is a token to a group unafraid to try a song in any fashion, to take the framework of a song, and to try any style and any beat. This remains the foundation of their songwriting process.

Recorded with Matt Boynton[MGMT, Kurt Vile] and Kevin McMahon [Titus Andronicus, Real Estate], Imaginary People found the best path to their EP was to bang it out live in a room and to keep things as raw as possible. Complimenting themselves with synth and strings, they round out their EP with a bit of the classic wall of sound and some kinetic big beats.
pILLOW tHEORY - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
pILLOW tHEORY is a NYC quartet who delivers a high-powered dynamic sound while successfully genre hopping under the modern rock umbrella (metal, punk, pop, electro.) They’ve blazed the stage opening for TV On The Radio, Living Colour and Ninjasonik and the band has received accolades from Rolling Stone, The Source, Village Voice, Yahoo, The Deli, and BRM. pILLOW tHEORY’s songs have been licensed for ABC television, SONY PSP and Tap Tap Revenge. Lead vocalist and guitarist Kelsey, guitarist Danos Ettrick, bassist Joaquin C De Baca and drummer Dave Burnett are all jazz rejects who were tainted by and converted to NYC’s underground rock scene.

pILLOW tHEORY collaborated with sonic genius Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, NIN) for their sophomore album OUTPATIENCE in 2007. Working with Albini on OUTPATIENCE allowed the band to successfully explore a full raw sound. The album earned the band critical praise and a strong loyal audience. In July 2011, pILLOW tHEORY released their new EP titled MELTDOWN, produced by Slim Willy (Ferrari Snowday, Ninjasonik, LL Cool J.) For the band’s next sonic chapter, front man/composer Kelsey mixed pILLOW tHEORY’s organic sound with unexpected refinement. Legendary producer Ron Saint Germain (Muse, Tool, Soundgarden) came on board to mix the first single and opening track “Blisters & Buppies.” With an unforgettable chorus and an infectious guitar riff, this song has quickly become a fan favorite at live shows.
Animal Talk - (Set time: 6:30 PM)
"Class of 2012: Boston's 12 Best New Bands…'Can't Dance With It' is a bubbling synth number that's destined for alt-rock radio, while 'Into the Sun' is confident modern pop shuffle with an edge."
- The Boston Phoenix

"Local post-dance rock outfit Animal Talk hit SXSW this spring to show the world what we already know they've got — namely, a dexterous grasp on the balance between electronics and rock that so many electro-rock bands of the day can't quite strike."
- 101.7 WFNX

"Please don't go see Animal Talk if you're not going to dance. Assertive percussion and slightly rough vocals round out pop-y synths and indie rock guitars, all of which come together for a high-energy live show that defies the audience a chance to stand still, let alone sit down."

"Think Young the Giant meets Lenny Kravitz, and there you have the distinct sound that is Animal Talk. The EP's opener, 'Into The Sun,' is a track that features fast-paced drum beats along with instrumental hooks that will leave anyone dancing for days…A standout track, 'Can't Dance With It,' features smooth guitar riffs along with a touch of electronic beats…[Animal Talk] leaves listeners wanting more."
- Performer Magazine

"2012 Hot List – Hot Indie Rock. Now that Boston is churning out some high-gloss pop acts, it's high time that our indie-rock bands add a slick coat of polish to their sound. Rising post-dance-rock quartet Animal Talk fit the bill. Though really, they can fit any bill, having shared the stage with Wolf Gang and Young the Giant and gigged both way north (Toronto's NXNE) and way south (Austin's SXSW)…Animal Talk, we see roaring mainstream success in your future."
- Stuff Magazine

"Animal Talk's 'Into The Sun' takes off from the ground with a sizzle and cuts a dynamic trail through your local sky, shooting off sparks and changing colors and crackling with energy…'Into The Sun' provides a different sort of visceral trip for the ear, and it is an exciting and rewarding one."
- Boston Band Crush

"Animal Talk's energetic, danceable sound and their irresistibly cool vibe will have you wishing you could have them at your next house party. They're the kind of band you want to listen to, but also want to hang out with."
- Crushable

"Boston's Animal Talk are one of the more hyped band of the fest, and with good reason. Blending indie rock with dance elements, they evoke memories of that transition period between '89 and '93…The result? Dance anthems for the indie kids, who swayed and moved along throughout the set. Charismatic and confident, Animal Talk are worthy of their hype."
- 4 Right Chords

"Animals don't really talk, but then again they don't form post-dance rock groups with the world at their feet. Invigorating Boston based electro-pop."
- NXNE 2012
Venue Information:
Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston St.
New York, NY, 10002