Johnny Mellor's Bastardos, The End Men, Shiksa, Violet Machine, Mister Jolly, Rebel Racket

AnVilRecorders Eighth Annual Holidaze Show to Benefit City Harvest

Johnny Mellor's Bastardos

The End Men


Violet Machine

Mister Jolly

Rebel Racket

Sun, December 15, 2013

Doors: 6:30 pm

Mercury Lounge

New York, NY

This event is 21 and over

Johnny Mellor's Bastardos - (Set time: 10:30 PM)
The End Men - (Set time: 9:45 PM)
The End Men
Annihilating stages from Bushwick to Berlin since 2010. A captivating combination of monster riffs, utterly unique drumming and sideshow abandon.

The End Men were created in 2010 as a three piece, losing a member in 2011 and remaining a two-piece to this day. Composed of Matthew Hendershot (guitar and vocals) and Livia Ranalli (drums, percussion and vocals), the average listener would be surprised to find that the powerful sound The End Men project is only coming from two people. With the raw, rasp-soaked vocals and the guitar-split to give the illusion of a bass, along with the rock solid drum pocket peppered with found percussive elements, the band rides a wave of dirty blues rock and vaudevillian stomp.

In a few short years, The End Men have carved out a name for themselves in their home base of NYC, and drop jaws and turn heads with every show they perform. The live experience harkens back to a smokey sideshow tucked away on the bayou; captivating and eccentric in it’s intensity. They have toured extensively since the band’s beginnings, traveling as far south as Nashville and all the way to Chicago and Kansas in the west. Also, they have toured Europe, with plans to return in 2013, covering Belgium, Italy, Germany and The Netherlands, where they opened for Genital Hospital. They have played in many notable clubs such as Arlene’s Grocery, Piano’s and Rockwood Music Hall in NYC, and Glasslands in Brooklyn. The End Men have appeared multiple times at the Utica Music Festival in Utica NY, and twice at the Brooklyn Infringement Festival, playing a headlining spot in 2013.

In 2011 they released their first album ‘Build it Up’ and in 2013 they released their follow up ‘Play With Your Toys’, releasing singles in the meantime, one of note was produced in Dubway Studios in Manhattan for the Songcraft Series. Matthew is currently endorsed by Howling Monkey Handmade Guitar Picks, and Livia was profiled in Tom Tom Magazine last year for her stellar drum chops. The End Men have played with a variety of acts ranging from jazz to metal, but the constant is the undeniable energy and showmanship they extrude with every live performance, no matter the venue or the bill. In late 2012, they joined a musical collective, Built4BBQ, a veritable commune of bands from Upstate NY and beyond working to get their music to the masses.
Shiksa - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Violet Machine - (Set time: 8:15 PM)
Violet Machine is a Brooklyn-based, indie rock/post punk band. With Rob Majors on vocals and guitar, Chris on guitar, Carrie Ingber on bass Violet Machine delivers a dark, moody sound with an edge, with hook driven guitar riffs, driving bass and dark lyrics.

Forming in late 2012, Violet Machine burst out of the gate in 2013 with a slew of original songs and quickly picked up a number of shows in NYC, booking on word of mouth alone. The music draws comparison to the late-70's post punk movement, as well as the post punk revival of the early 2000s.
Mister Jolly - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
Mister Jolly
Mister Jolly began its virtuous journey in November of 2010 when two ex-members of HaveBlue, guitarist Ari Holub and drummer Oliver John Burke, joined forces with two ex-members of The Neverbeens/Orange Monsoon, vocalist Steve Ferrara and Rhodes-tickler Crawford Forbes. With the departure of Burke to hotter pastures (New Orleans) in mid-2011, Mr. J brought on the legendary Bronx drummer, Greg Insero, and our current lineup was complete. Senor Jolly had some bass players, but after realizing most bass players are unreliable, Holub and Forbes picked up the bottom-end slack. Described by one fan as "Frank Zappa meets The Doors," Mister Jolly is blazing their way through the NYC music scene, picking up more fans at every show. Mister Jolly talks a lot about making demos, but they are broke, so don't expect anything anytime soon. If you want to hear this magnificent and sexy band of troglodytes, you're just gonna have to cough up a couple of bucks to see them live.
Rebel Racket - (Set time: 6:45 PM)
Venue Information:
Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston St.
New York, NY, 10002