Summer Camp

Early Show

Summer Camp

My Favourite Things

Mon, April 14, 2014

Doors: 6:30 pm

Mercury Lounge

New York, NY

$10 advance / $12 day of show

This event is 21 and over

Summer Camp - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
Summer Camp
"For those who never grew out of slumber parties and Brat Pack flicks, this debut from London duo Summer Camp is a saccharine dream wrapped in blushing pink PJs. But the more cynically minded may want to approach this record with caution. To expand, Condale is a fictional town in LA, where teen dreams prevail and love conquers all. Welcome To Condale is a tour of forlorn heartbreak, with a hefty shovel of youthful candour. Part C86, part Sonny and Cher, part John Hughes, opener 'Better Off Without You' was made to hum while gazing into a locker-door mirror: "Stop calling me," Elizabeth Sankey sings, with a flick of her ponytail.

In 'Brian Krakow', her male suitor makes his debut, with Jeremy Warmsley breathing over some synths that border on parody: "I don't wanna be your friend / I don't wanna meet your folks", as just exactly what it is he does want becomes abundantly clear. The '80s claps and echoing keys are merely a platform for Sankey and Warmsley to play suggestively on the age-old parable of boy meets girl. 'Nobody Knows You' playfully accents the darker aspects of the band's sound, while on 'Welcome To Condale' Sankey reaches her zenith, empowered, warbling "I'm coming home" and washing her hands of the preceding turmoil.

As a package, the assistance of Pulp's Steve Mackey twiddling on the production knobs makes this a bigger beast than was perhaps suggested by their shonking earlier numbers. The synths are sharp, the rhythms driving and the vocals of the distinctly cherubic persuasion. Quite why a band comprised solely of Englanders have appointed themselves soothsayers of the American teen dream is a puzzle, but whatever: Welcome To Condale works. For all its sly poking fun at the listener, this might just be a record best enjoyed at face value. " (The Stool Pigeon)
My Favourite Things - (Set time: 6:30 PM)
My Favourite Things
Brooklyn's My Favourite Things offer you a window into their dreamy world of hushed lullabies, warm whispers and enchanting melodies. Their songs sound like paper-cut distant villages, cloud mountains that brush up against the ether and evergreen forests punctuated with sly yellow eyes blinking out towards you between the hulking live oaks. The delicate compositions swoon and bathe the listener in an aural watercolor wash that evokes a picturebook of all the places you visited when daydreaming as a child and never thought you would return to.
The sound feels both deceptively light and open whilst being rich in detail and delight. Violins, cellos and accordions weave in and out of twinkling glockenspiels, steel drums and harps, accompanied by breezy ukuleles and intricate guitars.
Led by multi-instrumentalist Dorothea Tachler, My Favourite Things perform live as four piece featuring prominent musicians plucked from the buoyant New York scene; Yusuke Yamamoto (keys, etc), Jonathan Granoff (bass) and Yoshio Kobayashi (drums) will accompany this CD release concert.
The band are firm favorites on the unforgiving NYC circuit, regularly appearing at the Gutter or Zebullon, but have played venues like Union Pool, Public Assembly, Cameo, Cakeshop, The Living Room, Bruar Falls, Pianos, Lit Lounge etc, transporting transfixed audiences from their chaotic built up urban environments to a twilight world of their favourite things.
Venue Information:
Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston St.
New York, NY, 10002