Deleted Scenes

Early Show

Deleted Scenes

The Spinto Band

Thu, July 19, 2012

Doors: 6:30 pm

Mercury Lounge

New York, NY


This event is 21 and over

Deleted Scenes
Deleted Scenes
Deleted Scenes, a four-piece indie band from DC, released its first self-entitled EP in 2007, twelve years after meeting in grade school. In 2009, the band released a full-length, Birdseed Shirt, which was recorded mostly in group houses across the east coast over the course of a year with producer L. Skell (the Rude Staircase). It was met with critical acclaim from Pitchfork, which praised its “thoughtful existentialism and strange, drowsy downers” (8.0 score), and NPR, which called it “playfully unpredictable and totally infectious.”

After playing more than 300 self-booked shows in support of Birdseed Shirt, the band took some time before recording Young People's Church of the Air (due out Sept 2011) at the Garden Center in Hockessin, DE. "We decided to record the new album in a real studio where we could explore the dark arts with L. Skell while working more efficiently” courtesy of engineer Nick Krill (Spinto Band), said bass player Matt Dowling.

The band is currently on tour to support the first single from Young People’s Church of the Air, “Bedbedbedbedbed,” with a four-song, 12” EP released July 5, 2011, on DC-based Sockets Records.

Scheuerman's deeply personal lyrics explore his experiences with family, religion, death and joy. Scheuerman spent the prior year listening to old Neil Young records and distorted mp3s of American rock covers recorded by Southeast Asian artists in the 1970s. Scheuerman said the warped fuzz of those recordings influenced the sound of the new album. "There's a special energy that seems both young and soulful, yet somehow doomed." The songs derive their rhythmic feels from disparate sources—80s pop, R&B, surf rock, dark funk, Go-Go—which are decontextualized as fruity loops-based bedroom pop during the songwriting process, and then reintroduced into the band environment, taking on a new life with each iteration. The album contains a mixture of supernatural sounds recorded organically in the studio and home-recorded lo-fi noise.

Deleted Scenes is Daniel Scheuerman (guitar, vocals), Matt Dowling (bass, keyboard), Dominic Campanaro (guitar, keyboards, samples), and Brian Hospital (drums). They have shared the stage with Cursive, Wild Nothing, Abe Vigoda, Black Kids, The Antlers, Medications, Akron/Family, Matt and Kim, and others. They have played SXSW, CMJ, and Pop Montreal.

Some press:

"Ferocious and brave, this debut LP is a well-balanced demonstration of both thoughtful existentialism and strange, drowsy downers.... 8.0"

"[Deleted Scenes] has hit its stride in a major way on debut album "Birdseed Shirt." It's an album of smart, slippery and varied indie rock songs, but it never feels like the band is forcing things just for the sake of being different. Some songs have the nervous energy of early Talking Heads, while others succeed thanks to intricate subtleties that show an obsessive attention to detail. Don't get too attached to any of those sounds, though. Scheuerman has no interest in doing the same thing twice."
-Washington Post

"Birdseed Shirt, the debut LP from Deleted Scenes, is a creative and emotional album of soaring, hook-laden highs and more tempered lows, with each mood skillfully executed and full of rich imagery and metaphors. Taking the odd title from a Jonathan Safran Foer novel, the duo from Brooklyn and Washington, DC make playfully unpredictable songs that veer in unexpected directions while remaining completely infectious."
The Spinto Band
The Spinto Band
Brevity, soul and wit: some of the hallmarks of the Spinto Band's latest forthcoming release. Slim & Slender is the Delaware native sextet's self-recorded debut. A succinctly stated 4 song package, this EP serves as a precursor to the self-recorded LP to follow in 2010. The early results were so good and exciting that the band's label, Park The Van Records, wanted to get this collection of tracks out as quickly as possible, opting for 10" vinyl and digital download commercial release options, landing October 6, 2009.

Self recorded in eastern PA, these very well may be some of the The Spinto Band's best stuff yet. Included are a lot of extended instrumental explorations , like the bouncily jubilant cover of "Brazil" from the Terry Gilliam film of the same title. "Brazil has been a long time classic amongst the band," singer/songwriter/guitar-player/production-guru Nick Krill explains. "I first heard it in the film and have overheard Jeff and Tom and others playing the melody on different instruments over the years. The song brings to mind flying high above a city with angel wings sprouting from my back." Their previous full-length, Moonwink, had Spinto's crafty penchant for taking care in carving out space for all sounds in elaborate arrangements, and "Thayer Function", Slim's original instrumental is a sunwinked continuation of this calling card. Krill explained the genesis of this cut: "Back when we used to record in Thomas and Sam's basement, our former band mate, Albert Birney, penned a song called Layer Function. Albery now lives on Thayer Street in Rochester, New York, and Joe made up the riff for what would eventually become Thayer Function during a sing along on Albert's porch while we were on tour last year. The title just popped out and immediately made perfect sense...kind of making a nice reference to our old basement recording days just as we were beginning recording ourselves again almost ten years later."

Continuing work on building out the band's own studio for this return voyage into their self-recording roots, the Spinto Band plans and prepares for what's next. "We are working on that new material in a new studio we have been slowly piecing together over the course of the summer," according to Krill. "Now that we have found a bass clarinet, we are a lot closer to being done. The next step is to figure out how to play the bass clarinet."
Venue Information:
Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston St.
New York, NY, 10002