Springtime Carnivore

Early Show

Springtime Carnivore

Terribly Yours

Tue, March 7, 2017

Doors: 6:30 pm

Mercury Lounge

New York, NY


This event is 18 and over

Springtime Carnivore - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
Springtime Carnivore
You know the curious, almost out-of-body feeling you sometimes get when you wake up in the middle of the night, where everything seems a bit fuzzy and you’re not sure if maybe you’re still dreaming? It’s a state Greta Morgan perpetually revisited during the second half of 2015, when she was writing and recording the new Springtime Carnivore album, Midnight Room. “I was on a really jagged sleep schedule,” says the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, describing the months during which she worked on the follow-up to her critically adored 2014 debut. “It was the first time I’d ever lived by myself, and there was this bizarre feeling at night of the house being so quiet and being so totally alone. And Midnight Room came out of that.”

Earlier in the year, Morgan went through one of those break-ups that completely topples your world. Though it was as amicable as those things can be, the twenty-eight year-old musician felt shattered. She began working on songs for Midnight Room during those strange waking interludes last summer, finding an abundance of beautiful melodies in the melancholy ether. “A lot of lyrics on the record are collaged or don’t necessarily make sense next to each other,” she says. “But I guess my whole headspace was like that for a few months. I felt like I couldn’t trust my memory completely -- like I was space cadeting through the weird space between sleeping and dreaming and waking and reality.”

The melodies came easily, but the words were initially harder to find. So she tried a new approach for Midnight Room’s lyrics, inspired by her own disjointed thinking during those months. When an intriguing phrase or evocative image occurred to her, she wrote it down on a piece of index card. Sitting with the dozens of scraps on the floor in front of her, Morgan would rearrange the fragments until she found a way to make sense of it all. “A lot of the themes are, like, ‘How do you lovingly change a relationship?,’” she says. “How do you say good-bye to someone in a certain way and still keep him or her in your life? I feel like I was asking a lot of questions during the making of the record that I still don’t really have answers to, but at least some of the songs were exploring that territory.”

In the interest of achieving a more cohesive sound for Midnight Room, Morgan reached out to producer Chris Coady, whose work with Future Islands, Beach House and The Orwells she’d admired. “To me, Chris’s greatest gift as a producer is creating a sonic palette for an album that really brings their songs to life,” she says. “I wanted the whole thing to feel like you’re looking through a cobalt blue glass, and to get textures that almost feel like being able to see stars in the sky. I wanted it to have this very velvety midnight blue purity to the sound, and I feel like the synthesizers that we used and a lot of the guitar tones we used evoked that kind of visual texture.”
Terribly Yours - (Set time: 6:30 PM)
Terribly Yours
A Bloom Beyond is the debut album from Sean Bones' new band Terribly Yours. The record is a product of change, a collection of ten tracks written and recorded by Bones alone in his basement. "The flavor of this record kept evolving. It felt like I was sound tracking a movie no one would see. All I knew for a while was I had something different than anything I've released before."

The title A Bloom Beyond fits as a reoccurring theme of hope that plays into a lot of the lyrics. It makes for a personal sounding record that manages to be both introspective and fun. But what's all the worry about? "You know, just wanting peace in the streets. Wishing my kid will be comfortable. Not wanting all my friends to leave New York for LA. Concern over record shops closing, media bias and not enough Americone Dream at the bodega. Trying to envision a day that I'd ever finish this fucking record."

Bones worked through these woes by producing DIY pop music he's called "new new wave." Our introduction was a video for a track called "Answered Prayers" that took viewers to a shopping mall and hammered them with juxtapositions - lo tech video against hibrow commentary on materialism, folky finger picking and funk bass. Shopping environments both mundane and surreal. A follow up video for "No Genius" was a major departure with beautiful cinematography well suited to the steely Cars meets OMD vibe of the tune. And then there was "Barbara" - a song which Bones has described as a "rejected Abba demo produced by Brian Eno," which is somehow an undersell. It's big jangly love song that would have sat nice on the Pretty in Pink soundtrack.

"Barbara" may sit at the heart of A Bloom Beyond track listing, but to hear Sean tell it, the opener "Answered Prayers" is a cornerstone of what made this project Terribly Yours. "'Prayers' is kind of a mile marker for when I broke through invisible barriers that had kept me from writing more with the computer. I shredded my own rule book, scanned the scraps, saved it as PDF and just used that as my new script." This shift to digital is a big part of what defines the record. And "Prayers" is an exemplar of this with it's linear feeling arrangement, which reveals more from part to part.

But it's not all programmed beats and dance floor chit chat. The tiny, triple tracked voice of Bones' three year old daughter figures into the intro's backing choir and lyrically, the song feels almost hymnal, "Don't be scared if you see your answered prayers, stand before you in the air, begging you to go somewhere." It's optimism from a dude pondering the death of rock n roll radio while rallying the "true believers" and "fever dreamers" into the bright unknown. All of it funked up, sounding like Air covering "Don't Come Around Here No More."

Breathing more life into an initial 25 demos written for this record were the likes of friends, neighbors and collaborators - namely album mixers Nate Martinez and Andrew Maury and demo assists by Matt Mondonile (Real Estate / Ducktails), and Drew Fischer (Kevin Morby / White Fence) who helped focus the work into the 10 song debut to be released this summer.

The latest single "See Through The Dark" is the album's anthem. Like much of the record, there's a tug of war between darkness and light - and here goodness prevails. It's an exuberant track with a big hook that mixes hypnotic synths, acoustic guitars and a tripped out chorus vocal intended to reinforce the idea that it must be some kinda strange magic keeping us positive these days.
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Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston St.
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