Sherry, Friendship Park, Tropical Nasty, Eighty Ninety


Friendship Park

Tropical Nasty

Eighty Ninety

Mon, February 27, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm

Mercury Lounge

New York, NY


This event is 21 and over

Sherry - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Sherry is the newest musical project of multi-instrumentalist John Michael Sherry. Originally from Austin TX, Sherry has been writing and recording original material since the age of 16, blending 60s songwriting influences (Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell) with modern production (Flying Lotus, James Blake, Animal Collective.) Armed with a hoard of new songs, Sherry prepares for the release of his debut album out mid-summer 2017.
Friendship Park - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Friendship Park
In between Justin Lawes and Joshua Jouppi sat a park. Growing up mere miles apart, their common disposition towards spending far too much time in front of computers is what inevitably brought them together—to Friendship Park. Animators by trade, the digital duo use their backgrounds in progressive rock and folk for good and never for evil.

Now, in the night, beneath the glow of many pixels, they punch their keys, turn knobs, strum strings, and make strange sounds with their vocal chords until something seemingly of worth comes out.

Time has separated the pals by many miles—hailing from Brooklyn and Detroit respectively. However, the two have managed to create math folk pop jams by calling upon all the powers of The Internet while wielding the mutual understanding of friendship. They aim to dish out some boom bop dancing songs with a side of sobering realism; realism that encourages the listener to consider whether we should boogie harder or shan’t been dancing at all.
Tropical Nasty - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Tropical Nasty
Ever see the classic, Looney-Tunes short where a snoozing cartoon was elevated into the air by an enticing, visible vapor, so powerful and alluring it often formed actual hands and sailed the sleeping soul like a magic carpet, toward the source of the deliciousness?

That’s what I experienced when Tropical Nasty’s audible effusion grazed my ears along with the Venice Beach breeze one, recent Sunday afternoon. I was headed the other way on the boardwalk when their enchanting emanation stopped me in my tracks. Encapsulated by their sound, I drifted right to them, just like in our treasured, vintage animation.

Drenched with this Superband’s psychedelic funky rhythms and celestial strings, my pace quickened, my chest swelled and I swear I grew an inch taller as I neared them.

When I reached the nucleus of this Pacific oasis, I joined an ungovernable myriad of beachgoers who celebrated this rustic bunch of brilliant Enchanters.

This trifecta had launched an outdoor discotheque and inspired these spectators, donned in worn flip-flops and sun-kissed skin, to hop around like they were high and silly on Willy Wonka’s soda fizz.

“Who are these guys?!” I proclaimed aloud, and caught faces around me break into smiles because they were thinking the same thing. Onlookers with mesmerized permagrins surrounded this shirtless trinity who rocked as if to win the vote of the universe’s god assembly on whether to eliminate or keep Earth.

Their infectious, eclectic sound- all their very-own, original, spontaneous tunes relative to Jimi Hendrix, early, funky Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jack White, Led Zeppelin, The Meters and Bob Marley- touched everyone in proximity, overpowering them to dance and yawp.

Meet the Wizards of Tropical Nasty: Wondrous Drummer and lead vocalist, Myke Anthony, Bass Dynamo, Collin Bunch and Guitar- Master, Dave Tepper.

They look like what would happen if Gwen Stefani and the original Tarzan got together and made kids. I was surprised to discover they were from South Jersey when I had the privilege of purchasing their CD. I was certain they were from a faraway continent, or Jupiter, and only spoke the language of music. But they are, in fact, American buddies from Pennsville, New Jersey and they’ve been gracing L.A. with their mystic sound for a little over a year.

Ferocious, elegant drummer, Myke, who would not surprise if he was crossbred with the likes of Buddy Rich and The Muppet Show’s Animal, smacks his drum kit with every fiber of his being. Regally poised on his throne with lionesque mane whipping furiously about, he bellows with a sweaty heart and radiates a haunting sound, soaked with experience and history.

With near-supernatural intensity, Dave hypnotizes and stupefies with his incendiary guitar-searing. I actually saw smoke burn off of his strings during his vivid riffs. If Jimi were alive he would pay big for a front seat to his performance and time in the studio to compare styles with this six-string virtuoso.

Majestic and dignified, bassist Collin bears a sultry voice that reveals profoundness and a seasoned soul with evidence of romantic scar tissue.

With frenzied fingers, blurry to the watching eye, he meticulously plucks his strings as though he’s decrypting alien code while he synchronously skips and weaves, wearing a satisfied smile like he just cashed in his winning ticket.
Together these humble pioneers enkindled all present bystanders and wowed them with a kaleidoscopic show they were lucky to be at.

This iconic boardwalk turned electric -wellspring was a scene comparable to the end of Ghostbusters 2 in which scientists, Ray, Egon and Venkman loaded Lady Liberty with positively- charged mood slime and lovingly tsunami’d the city, marinating them in love and happiness.

The Venice crowd kept growing and everyone rocked and swayed instinctively in transfixion. You could identify the humans who were not regular players at public dance-opps by their brief hesitation to partake in this unbridled pep rally. But they were obviously freed by this band’s magic and automatically moved to laugh and dance. Anyone who wasn’t hopping around like a character in Lord of the Flies still beamed with delight and demonstrated heavy knee- bouncing and head-bobbing. Wetsuit-sheathed surfers sauntered up from the water, summoned by this party. Strangers nodded in harmony. New couples naturally reached for each other’s hands. What a wonderful, shared-experience for these budding pairs- they would definitely make love later. And even though lucky passers- by were ecstatic for happening upon this free, spirit-elevating concert, the players of Tropical Nasty were clearly having the most fun.
Since that unforgettable day, I had the pleasure of seeing the fluid trio indoors at Santa Monica’s TRIP, State Social House on the Sunset Strip, L.A.’s local landmark and cultural jewel, The Mint and most-recently and intimately at 131 Topanga, a hidden gem nestled in the middle of Topanga Canyon. I felt like a valued guest at a private, living room party thrown by supreme musicians there. In fact, that’s the general feel of all of their shows- like you are special company, invited and encouraged to be moved and rejoice.

These extraordinary artists are at home wherever they play and thrive on sharing their allegiance and light. The comradery and respect that underscores this bonded crew is inspirational and heart-warming. It is my great pleasure to honor this monumental band of talented friends who are never pretentious or peacocky and exude and encourage passionate excellence.

To the gifted Music Makers of Tropical Nasty: You are going to rock this world. You already do. Thank you for showing up in and rocking mine.
Eighty Ninety - (Set time: 7:00 PM)
Eighty Ninety
Debut EP "Elizabeth" out now on Spotify:
Venue Information:
Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston St.
New York, NY, 10002