Zane Carney Acoustic Set (Feat. NEW + RARELY-PERFORMED SONGS!)

Early Show

Zane Carney Acoustic Set (Feat. NEW + RARELY-PERFORMED SONGS!)

Mon, April 17, 2017

Doors: 7:30 pm

Mercury Lounge

New York, NY


This event is 21 and over

Zane Carney - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
Zane Carney
Zane Carney is a world-class guitarist, singer, and songwriter, most known for his work with John Mayer, CARNEY, and Broadway's "Spider Man -Turn Off The Dark." Zane's astonishing talents have made him one of the foremost young guitar players in the world with credits that include performing alongside Stevie Wonder, Keith Urban, and Roy Hargrove, appearing on Oprah, Ellen, and David Letterman, opening for U2, Fergie, and The Black Crowes, and working with esteemed artists such as Bono & The Edge, David Foster, and Don Was.

Zane began honing his chops in LA's vibrant music circuit on his 12th birthday and later refined his style at USC's prestigious Thornton School of Music, becoming one of the most in-demand guitarists on both coasts in the process. Possessing an exciting and extremely rare combination of creativity and virtuosity, along with an audiophile's ear for guitar tone and an extraordinary ability to sightread, Zane has been referred to as "The best guitarist in NY and LA" by Bono of U2. More recently, John Mayer handpicked Zane to play guitar on his current world tour and latest album, sans audition, after Mayer discovered Zane's fiery performances online.

But with his newfound passion for writing and singing his own material, Zane is quickly gaining significant attention as a lead vocalist, songwriter, and lyricist. While Zane's guitar playing has been described as daring, passionate, soulful, and jaw-dropping - tremendous labels for a young man many are proclaiming to be the next great guitar hero - Zane is now rapidly accumulating equally praiseworthy descriptions about his compositions and vocal abilities. As people witness Zane's evolution from gunslinging guitarist to full-fledged frontman, comparisons to the early days surrounding the release of John Mayer's debut EP "Inside Wants Out" have even been serendipitously drawn.

Bob Lefsetz has raved about CARNEY - where Zane began his meteoric rise as a lead guitarist - likening the band's sound to "a mysterious trip into the heart of darkness." But, Zane's original songs lean slightly away from the raw and brooding Rock and Roll that defined CARNEY as they gravitate towards his roots in Jazz, Blues and Pop. His songwriting style is grounded in visual storytelling, honesty, surrender and hope and his melodies, while imaginative and adventurous, are irresistibly catchy and instantly familiar. Zane's lyrics have been likened to those of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Ray LaMontagne, and his voice has been compared to singing icons Jeff Buckley, Damien Rice, and Jimmy Gnecco. This unique combination of masterful guitars, unforgettable hooks, and emotively provoking lyrics - all expressed with his profoundly moving and honest voice - is what makes Zane such a one-of-a-kind talent; one that seems poised to join not only the greats of his generation, but those who've come before him.

Live performance is where Zane's most inherent gift shines; his undeniably infectious charisma - one that captivates the audience the instant he takes the stage. Head to to discover more about Zane, and follow him on Twitter (@zanecarney) to get wind of secret shows, live streaming broadcasts and gig updates. You can also go to to see when Zane will be performing with John Mayer in a town near you on the Born and Raised/Paradise Valley tour.

Zane's Debut EP "Confluence" and full length instrumental LP "Amalgam" are available on iTunes now.
Venue Information:
Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston St.
New York, NY, 10002