Early Show


The Milkman's Union

Tue, November 13, 2012

Doors: 6:30 pm

Mercury Lounge

New York, NY


This event is 21 and over

Chamberlin - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
As singer/guitarist Mark Daly tells it, “back in January, before Ethan and I left for
Nashville to record Look What I've Become (Audiotree Records), we sat down with the
rest of the band. With no small amount of shame, we explained that they wouldn't be
playing on it. Chuck, our bassist, finished his beer and walked out of the bar without
saying a word. A few days later, Eric, who played keys told us he was quitting. Jamie,
our drummer wasn’t sure if he would stay. Ethan and I weren't sure if Chamberlin would
exist when we returned.”
It was quite the turn of events for a group of five long-time friends only one year into
their careers. Chamberlin began 2011 wide-eyed and optimistic playing their first ever
shows to packed ballrooms and theaters opening for fellow Vermonters Grace Potter and
the Nocturnals. Soon after, the boys put out their debut album, took off on their own
headline tour, released an EP of fan-chosen covers, and circled the U.S. five times,
including a grueling three-month, 20,000 mile trip to finish off the year.
“We were exhausted,” says Daly who founded the band with guitarist Ethan West after
attending school together—k-16. “2011 was essentially us running a marathon without
ever trying a 10K, except imagine that while trying to run that marathon you end up
chained to four other guys, drinking too much and yelling at each other hungover in the
parking lot of a Wal-Mart in Kentucky.”
Returning home in December, Daly and West kicked off 2012 having hardly spoken to
the rest of the band since the tour ended. With just a small window to record before
heading on the road again in February, the two began working with Luke Reynolds, an
accomplished performer and producer (fronted Blue Merle, Pictures and Sound, and now
plays in Guster) who had attended their high school a few years before them. The three
arranged five new songs, and plans were made to track later that month in Nashville with
Brad Bivens (Kings of Leon, Norah Jones). “Suddenly,” says Daly, “we found ourselves
all set to record these new songs that the other guys hadn’t been a part of at all. Personal
tension aside, we hadn’t rehearsed together in over six months and having worked out
most of the arrangements already with Luke on bass and keys, we were very worried that
the music would suffer if we tried to force everyone in at the last minute.” Weighing all
of this, West and Daly agreed when Reynolds suggested he recruit Patrick Hallahan (My
Morning Jacket) to play drums. West and Daly headed south on their own.
Surrounded and challenged by a seasoned, professional team, Daly and West enjoyed
their days in the studio. At night they retreated to their room at the Red Roof Inn and
tried not to think about the future or the rest of the band. West says, “simply put, this EP
is about jealousy, despair and resentment. While recording the vocals, it really hit us that
we had inflicted those same feelings on our band mates—or rather, our best friends. As
Mark sang the chorus of “Jealousy,” we avoided eye contact and waited for the moment
to pass…kind of like two awkward, unfamiliar teens walking by each other in the
hallway. He was singing the lyric, ‘Look what I've become.’”
The Milkman's Union - (Set time: 6:30 PM)
The Milkman's Union
Henry Jamison started The Milkman's Union as a solo project in 2005. He made a splash in the Burlington, VT pop scene with the release of two self-produced albums. Seven Days wrote that his "talent is impossible to ignore" and that his music bears "similarities to today's most erudite indie acts." While enrolled at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, he met drummer Peter McLaughlin and bassist Sean Weathersby. Lead guitarist Akiva Zamcheck, a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, joined the group in 2008 and helped the band complete their debut album, "Roads In", which was released in October 2009. The record has been met with great approval from critics and fans alike. Gabe Birnbaum of writes "the music conjures up its own cloud of mood the moment it comes on". Seven Days writes that the band is "startlingly gifted" and "hyper-literate". "Roads In" has also been getting airplay at well over 100 independent radio stations across the U.S
Venue Information:
Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston St.
New York, NY, 10002