My Favourite Things Record Release, Valerie Orth, Abby Ahmad, Foxtrot & the Get Down

My Favourite Things Record Release, Valerie Orth, Abby Ahmad, Foxtrot & the Get Down

Tue, July 18, 2017

Doors: 6:30 pm

Mercury Lounge

New York, NY


This event is 21 and over

My Favourite Things - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
My Favourite Things
Brooklyn's My Favourite Things offer you a window into their dreamy world of hushed lullabies, warm whispers and enchanting melodies. Their songs sound like paper-cut distant villages, cloud mountains that brush up against the ether and evergreen forests punctuated with sly yellow eyes blinking out towards you between the hulking live oaks. The delicate compositions swoon and bathe the listener in an aural watercolor wash that evokes a picturebook of all the places you visited when daydreaming as a child and never thought you would return to. Autoharps and vibraphones weave in and out of sometimes complex, sometimes shredding guitars, a grounding bass and the ever intricate beat of the drums.

Led by multi-instrumentalist Dorothea Tachler (voice, guitar), My Favourite Things perform live as four or five piece featuring prominent musicians plucked from the buoyant New York scene; Yusuke Yamamoto (vibraphone, synthesizer), Daru Oda (voice, keys), Michael Figgiani (bass) and Yoshio Kobayashi (drums), transporting transfixed audiences from their chaotic built up urban environments to a twilight world of their favourite things.
Valerie Orth - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Valerie Orth
"There is an honesty to Valerie Orth's music that is both brilliant and heartbreaking.”- San Francisco Chronicle

A prolific songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Valerie's Brooklyn-by-way-of-San Francisco-influenced music is unique and authentic. Integrating live instruments with electronic sounds, her newest project due out in January 2017, Wake You, carries the upbeat production and warmth of Sylvan Esso, the unexpected rhythms and percussion of Tune-Yards, and the dark vocals and trippy-ness of Portishead. Valerie’s songs take you on a journey through relationships and obsessions, and her often-metaphorical lyrics are spell-binding, steeped with palpable images.

Impose Magazine premiered her EP’s first single, Pixie, writing, “Almost haunting in its airy feel ... the song sends a powerful message of support and the desire to “make some noise,” which aligns with Orth’s activist roots.” With years of social justice organizing under her belt, Valerie is actively involved with Female Frequency, a collective dedicated to empowering women and girls in the music industry.

On stage, Valerie is a captivating performer, singing addictively and playing both electric guitar and Ableton Live’s Push controller to incorporate a range of synths and to improvise with her own vocal samples. With multiple vocal layers in her productions, her live band includes singers Michael Inge and Rachel Walker, who also add a good dose of soul to her eclectic sound both on the stage and on the Wake You EP.
Abby Ahmad - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
Abby Ahmad
With edgy, intelligent lyrics and hypnotic melodies, Abby Ahmad's music is as passionate as it is profound. Bridging genres of folk-rock, blues, and alternative, Abby's percussive guitar style and arresting vocals captivate and challenge her audiences. Emotionally-charged, yet playful, she is at once in your face and in your heart.

Curriculum, (the follow up to her acclaimed debut, The Rearview), marks a metaphoric and musical evolution. Inspired by the thrilling yet frenetic challenges of being an emerging musician in NYC, Curriculum documents the path to independence (both musical and personal) navigating the many lessons learned along the way.

The album’s production values were crafted with a similar mentality. Abby teamed up with Brooklyn-based producers Mark Marshall and Nathan Rosenberg. Together, they have produced an organic, searing portrait of sound and emotion.

Adding to the album’s sonic maturity and authenticity are a stellar lineup of NY musicians including Clark Gayton, Steven Bernstein, and Erik Lawrence (who comprise the horn section for legendary musician Levon Helm) and Grammy Award winning multi-instrumentalist, Michael Leonhart.

With integrity, guts, and skill, Abby Ahmad breaks new ground in the realm of independent music.

"Abby Ahmad is one of those rare talents who is at the ideal position in her artistic journey when craft, skill and talent have all developed to an equal point and coalesced into a magnificent apex of achievement. Her latest album, CURRICULUM, is easily on par with the works of Dylan and Dickinson or even Plath. "
-Allen Foster, Songwriter's Monthly

"Abby Ahmad is a caldron of talent and soul. Her range of music, lyrics and vocals are a fresh hit of unpretentious passion. I feel lucky to have discovered this emerging star."
-Andrew Davis, film director, The Guardian

"When the louds and quiets are embraced and explored in guitar-based folk-rock, it can only serve to make the delicate melodies more capturing and the hammering strums more exclamatory. Not afraid to challenge the listener with literate lyricism and intricate song structures, this is an ambitious group of songs that will keep you coming back to catch all the subtleties."
-CD BABY Editor’s Review

“…Beautiful, pliant, passionate.”
–Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Foxtrot & the Get Down - (Set time: 6:30 PM)
Foxtrot & the Get Down
Since their inception in 2011 the band has crafted a sound comprised of rock, blues, soul, and Americana which manifested itself in "Sold the Soul", Foxtrot's debut EP. The success of the EP led to positive progress for the band including signing with Nashville label American Echo Records under Indie Squared Entertainment's management.

Foxtrot is now managed by Alaina Thetford of Train Case Management. Poised for a major 2017, the band is releasing their debut full length record, "Roots too Deep" on February 24th. Keep an eye out for Foxtrot in a city near you!
Venue Information:
Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston St.
New York, NY, 10002