Yucky Duster, gobbinjr, Poppies

Yucky Duster



Dougie Poole

Wed, December 6, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm

Mercury Lounge

New York, NY


This event is 18 and over

Yucky Duster - (Set time: 10:30 PM)
Yucky Duster
Maggie and Madeline started Yucky Duster with the idea to play fun, 60s and punk inspired tunes with only two instruments; Maggie on bass and Madeline on drums. They eventually added Luca Balser (The Gradients / Gummy) and months later Zack O'Brien (Slonk Donkerson) on guitars. Four dusters one band.
gobbinjr - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
gobbinjr (lower case please) is Madison, WI-native turned Brooklynite Emma Jerk Witmer’s unapologetic project. Her debut album 'manalang' (again, leave your caps at home) is the blunt, peachy child of Witmer’s angsty yet sophisticated approach, creating a bedroom-panorama of earwormy, hazy melodies. Following 'manalang', Witmer released the "vom night" EP which explores the darkest depths of a depressed mind while on an intergalactic journey, diving in the sea, or time traveling. While the recording artist gobbinjr is one individual's unfiltered, unfettered statement, the band gobbinjr has been playing around Brooklyn and touring North America for years, meeting new friends and commiserating in shimmery sadness.
Poppies - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Rock quartet Poppies formed in 2015 after members May and Ian met - stuck waiting out an NYC blizzard. After pulling in friends Keith on bass and Steven on drums, Poppies was a band. Poppies released their first three singles in late 2016 and their debut EP Good EP on 6/9/17. The group swings from messy jammers to melodic, interlocking tunes forming a collection of considered and inventive songs. You try defining what genre they fit in because we're having a hard time with it.
Dougie Poole - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
Dougie Poole is a country songwriter living in Brooklyn. He writes about life in the digital age, and uses synthesizers and electronic instruments in his arrangements.
Venue Information:
Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston St.
New York, NY, 10002