The Midnight Beast

The Midnight Beast

Riot !n Paris

Sun, October 21, 2012

Doors: 8:00 pm

Mercury Lounge

New York, NY

$10 advance / $12 day of show

This event is 21 and over

The Midnight Beast
The Midnight Beast
A trio of comedy upstarts with musical know-how, The Midnight Beast detonated their very own viral bomb in December 2009;‘Tik Tok’. A hilarious parody of the Ke$ha song, it had wracked up over 25,000 YouTube hits by the end of the first day and very quickly turned the group into bona fide Internet sensations.

Things were never going to be the same again.

TMB (for short) – south west Londoners Stefan Abingdon, Dru Wakely and Ashley Horne – have now had a staggering 46 million views on YouTube as well as two sold-out tours, making headlines in 2011 as the fastest unsigned band to sell out KOKO (in a day!). In 2011 they whipped up a frenzy during HMV instore signings for their spoof boy band annual ‘Book At Us Now’ tour and in May will launch a brand new self-titled narrative comedy series for E4.

Each 30 minute episode staples together their music and stupid real life experiences. Things like TMB sharing a flat and trying to impress girls when they’ve got no money and one of them has to sleep in the kitchen.

The comedy narrative slips into trademark Midnight Beast song and dance routines as the band unveil a whole host of original new material. Fourteen songs in total will be released during the series, with a corresponding EP for each of the six episodes and a cumulative album when they reach the home stretch.

The series is being produced by Mary Burke for Warp Films (Four Lions, Submarine, This is England 86 & 88) and Cuba Pictures (Boy A), and written by Jason Hazeley, Joel Morris and Tom Edge.

“It’s like a dirty Glee or a gritty musical,” says Stefan Abingdon of the forthcoming series. “All the songs are pretty off-the-wall and they cover a wealth of different genres.”

The album – due out alongside the series – is being released on the band’s own record label Sounds Like Good and there’s a definite D.I.Y thread running through their aesthetic. “The whole album was written and produced in my bedroom at my parents’ house,” continues Stefan. “We tried other labels and it just didn’t fit into any sort of mould so we decided to do it ourselves.”

Indeed, the boys are used to taking matters into their own hands. Like the Pied Pipers of new musical comedy, TMB managed to orchestrate a 2000-strong guerrilla gig on Brighton Beach back in 2010, using the power of Twitter alone. And scenes of hysteria usually confined to the world of high profile pop stars were witnessed in Manchester and London as hoards of frenzied teenage girls turned up for their book signings; one of the biggest reactions HMV have ever had to an instore.

With TMB scribbled all over their faces, fans pushed and shoved their way to the front to meet their idols and to get signed copies of their ‘Book At Us Now’ – an irreverent multi-faceted collage of pop-parody – completed “without any ghost writer whatsoever” and which managed to “bleed them dry” in the process.

But let’s wind the clock back now to those carefree days of primary school. Stefan and Ashley were two small friends with big aspirations, making music and breakdancing with Dave Benson Phillips. Stef met Dru some years later during acting classes and asked him to drum in his new band; a friendship blossomed, as did many other bands, and the pair were to continue down this musical path together for many years.

Since then, they’ve taken the plunge with their music making, diving
head first and making some serious waves in the process. Dru’s a self
confessed hip-hop head, Ashley plays bass and Stefan plays guitar
and writes pop songs. There’s an air of the Beastie Boys to their punked
up, demonstrative songs which they have so far taken to Glastonbury
(playing just before Ke$ha), Reading and Leeds (where they headlined
the Festival Republic Tent and were voted one of’s favourite
acts, ahead of The Strokes and 30 Seconds To Mars), Underage
Festival, Big Chill and Edinburgh Fringe.

That’s not forgetting their two sold-out tours; selling out KOKO in a matter of hours last year. “Considering our first gig on the stage was supporting our friend’s band, where we played three songs as a taster, then a year later we had our own show at KOKO was pretty amazing,” says Dru.

They’ve given Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ a run for its money, re-invented Hogwarts for the streets with ‘Wands’, written their own summer rave anthem with ‘Pizza in Ibiza’ and shown Flawless how it’s really done with ‘The Dance Routine’. All decidedly tongue-in-cheek, of course. Now they’re taking on a fresh challenge with their first ever TV series – airing on E4 in May – and releasing their first album.

The Midnight Beast are metamorphosing before your very eyes. Be afraid, be very afraid…
Riot !n Paris
Riot !n Paris
Hailing from the borough of Brooklyn, Riot !n Paris is the audio lovechild of two musical dynamos who couldn’t be more different. The guitar wielding rocker

Pete Armour and the swagged out hip-hop head Mercy joined forces in 2007 by blending the hard-hitting instrumentals of indie rock & their hard-hitting hip-hop flow to breathe new life into New York’s Music Scene.

After releasing their Debut EP Weekend at Kennys , R!P began doing what they do best, put on an amazing live show! The Riot has been performing along the East Coast As well as tours In Europe and Canada. They are building a reputation worldwide for tearing down stages.

Riot !n Paris is now preparing to release their long awaited full album “Sample Sale” and have just been nominated for an MTV O Music Award in the Most Extreme Fan Outreach category.
Venue Information:
Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston St.
New York, NY, 10002