Ghosts of Eden

Ghosts of Eden

Bound by Substance, Revel 9, Last Stand For Lucy

Sat, December 22, 2012

Doors: 8:30 pm

Mercury Lounge

New York, NY

$12 advance / $15 day of show

This event is 21 and over

Ghosts of Eden - (Set time: 11:30 PM)
Ghosts of Eden
Ghost of Eden, a band originating in New York City, inspires generations through their passion for people and love of rock music.

Since the beginning, their collaborative creations have captured a loyal core audience in the NY metro area. Now, Ghosts of Eden has embraced a bright new sound and a sharpened vision.

Straying from the confines of the commercial music industry, Ghosts of Eden ascends to new horizons, with a sound that will resonate in the minds and hearts of their fans and audience members of all ages.

This is their brand of rock — emerging from the past, transcending through today, magnetic and unforgettable.

Their journey has led them to this point in time, to this new make their presence known in the rock genre so all will feel the spirit of Ghosts of Eden.
Bound by Substance - (Set time: 10:30 PM)
Bound by Substance
Bound By Substance consists of: Henry Rzonca-Vocals/Keyboards, Dino Colacito-Guitars, Angelo Marino-Bass, and Matt Farina-Drums. All members were born and raised in Queens, NY.

Rock 'n' roll with a splash of whiskey. That's the best way to describe the sound of Bound By Substance. Drawing from the heavy blues influences of early 70's rock bands and blending it with the heavier melodic sounds of early 90's rock, BBS has forged a unique, refreshing sound. Couple that with the NYC elements of grit and urgency and what you are left with is a rock sound that has a perfect balance of darkness, beauty, sadness and joy.

BBS is no stranger to the New York City music scene. Over the years BBS has actively played the NYC club scene. Currently, they have a monthly residency at The Bitter End in Manhattan. They have also played clubs such as Webster Hall, Irving Plaza, Gramercy Theater (which they headlined) Arlene's Grocery, Tammany Hall and Sullivan Hall.

BBS displayed their music for the large crowds of The Vans Warped Tour in the summer of 2006 playing inside The Dr. Mad Vibes Tent which is a solo project of Fishbone legend Angelo Moore. BBS has also taken part in multiple Battle Of The Bands tournaments over the past 2 years placing in the top 10 for every single one. These tournaments, which featured thousands of bands, included the Emergenza Festival, MEANY Fest, Jerseyshows, and the Good Times Music Magazine Battle.

BBS has produced two five song E.P.s. Rusted Time was recorded at Cove City Sound Studio in Glen Cove, New York under the close tutelage of Richie Cannata (Billy Joel). The band also worked personally with Tom Brick at Absolute Audio while mastering their E.P. They have also put together a music video for the song Mediate, which was directed by Chris LoBello of Dead Wrong was recorded at Audio Magick Studios in West Babylon under the tutelage of George Marshall (Twisted Sister). Like Rusted Time Tom Brick also handled the mastering on this E.P. so the BBS sound was never lost. Currently BBS has a single for the track "Get Down" available and is working on recording further tracks at VuDu Studios in Port Jefferson under the direction of Steve Haigler (Pixies, Fuel).

BBS is continuing to work on branching out and musically exposing themselves to new and bigger markets. Now on board with the Gotham Rocks promotion company BBS will be playing such venues as the Gramercy Theater, Irving Plaza and the Highline Ballroom with more frequency. They are moving along at a fast pace and have big plans for the rest of 2012 and into 2013.
Revel 9 - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
Revel 9
Considering their loyal fan base, popularity among Northeast promoters and the success of their last indie album She Sells Smiles, the easiest thing for Long Island powerhouse Gee Davey to do would be to just go along for the ride and resist those impulses to evolve. But in 2010, band founder, guitarist and lead singer/songwriter DJ Pearlman hit a creative wall and knew it was time to retool and redefine the band’s sound. With the addition of rhythm guitarist Matthew Dower, the trio of Pearlman, drummer Michael Bontempi and bassist Ray Kuhner became a foursome—and emerged with a force unlike anything else on the suburban New York music scene. A name change was mandatory—and Revel 9 makes its official debut with The Razorblade Diaries, an explosive six song EP that captures the band’s unapologetic darker, edgier, less poppy vibe.

Launching an immediate assault on the Northeastern hard rock scene, Revel 9 has quickly become a band to watch. Rocking hard before audiences of hundreds and even thousands since their relaunch in July, 2010, the band became a favorite among area clubs, promoters and fans who can’t resist being part of the dynamic journey. They’ve blown fans away across the region, from their sold-out homecoming show in August, to performances at the legendary Crash Mansion in NY and Crocodile Rock in PA, to a record-setting attendance show at Six Flags Great Adventure's during its famed “Fright Fest” concert series. Earlier in 2011, they performed at the annual Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA.

The sound may be different, but the fan embrace is similar to what Gee Davey experienced when the band got airplay on over 50 CMJ reporting stations, got spins on the Berlin based podcast show “Next Big Thing” and played major Long Island venues like Ollie’s Point in Amityville, The Crazy Donkey, Mulcahy’s, Broadway and The Zebra Club. Pearlman’s pre-Davey history includes being part of Narcotic Gypsy, which once opened for Sepultura, Danzig and Ozzy on the Ozzfest Tour.

Playing a huge role in the sonic evolution of Gee Davey into Revel 9 is remixer/producer “Pull", who has worked on records by everyone from Rob Thomas and Mick Jagger to Skillet and Shinedown. A longtime friend of Pearlman’s, Pull liked some of Gee Davey’s material but always pushed the singer to dig deeper. Pearlman played some of the songs he had been working on post She Sells Smiles for Pull, and through his guidance, helped fashion the new sound of Revel 9. The Razorblade Diaries was produced by Pull and Revel 9.

“I have to say it like this—Pull called us out on any BS every time,” says Pearlman. “He knew we were capable of more and he was right. He’d say he liked a riff I had but would tell me things like, ‘you need a verse here, a bridge there.’ In the process, he taught me how to record like a pro musician and has helped us get to the creative level where we should have been all along. We were going for something very specific. We needed to capture the intensity of the hard rock bands that we love, but still be able to get the songs across to the listener, and we’ve done that. The material is good, there is no denying that at this point. Now it’s only a matter of whether people like it or not, and we’re OK with that.”

That confidence crackles through from the start of The Razorblade Diaries, which roughly chronicles the emotional upheaval that a typical 20something guy experiences when he meets the girl of his dreams, only to lose her and then find any way he can to win her back. With guitars blazing behind thoughtful heartfelt lyrics, he meets her at a rave in “San Jose” and things go well until he becomes too co-dependent and she doesn’t want to be with him anymore. “Another Mistake” finds him becoming increasingly psychotic in his attempts to reverse her decision. He survives a leap from a window and instead of learning from his adventure, he suddenly thinks he is invincible on “All I’ve Become.” On the remaining tracks, he’s still reeling from this fight but he won’t back down.

“Making The Razorblade Diaries was a blast from start to finish for us and every step of the way, we pushed ourselves to make it better,” says Pearlman, “working every note and riff and lyric down to the last detail to make the best record we could. We’re really excited about the new direction we’re taking as Revel 9, but our enthusiasm isn’t just hype. It’s the most powerful and fulfilling album we could make and we know it. Soon everyone else will know it too.”
Last Stand For Lucy - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Last Stand For Lucy
Last Stand for Lucy is a New York- based indie rock band. Combining emotional and hauntingly honest vocals with elements of brit-pop, punk, and emo, the band has often been compared to The Cure, Face to Face, and Rise Against.

The band was formed in New York City in 2009 by long time friends Michael O'Neil (vocals/guitar) and Derek Nicholas (guitar). The Demo titled "Bastards of Gramercy" was recorded and self-released in early 2010. Much of the music during the period leading up to the recording was written in Nicholas' Hell's Kitchen apartment. Ideas between the two bandmates were shared sporadically due to the fact that O'Neil was stationed in Iraq, fulfilling his commitment to the US Army. The conditions under which "Bastards of Gramercy" was written, and, finally recorded were a major contribution to its dark lyrical content and overall feeling of hopelessness.

Later in 2010, Jonathan Serwinowski (drums) and Jeremy Ortiz (bass) completed the bands line-up. In 2011 the quartet self-released the EP "Dysthymia (part 1)". The four members were able to collaborate during the writing process and a more aggressive, guitar driven sound evolved. This was a bit of a departure musically from "Bastards of Gramercy." However, vocally, O'Neil stayed true, delivering accessible lyrics and his trademark honesty.

Last Stand for Lucy is currently writing material for their upcoming EP "Dysthymia" (part 2).
Venue Information:
Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston St.
New York, NY, 10002