The Juggs, D&M, The Cardinal Points, King Charles the Martyr

The Juggs


The Cardinal Points

King Charles the Martyr

Sun, November 18, 2012

Doors: 7:00 pm

Mercury Lounge

New York, NY


This event is 21 and over

The Juggs - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
The Juggs
The Juggs are a psychedelic blues band hailing from Brooklyn, NY. The 2010 release The African Queen is there debut EP. The group features singer/songwriter Kareem Big Bear Bunton on vocals and guitar, George De Voe(Guitar), Nick Gonzales(Drums), and Charles Becker (Bass). Formed by Mr.Bunton in 2006, the band is often described as Chicago blues with a touch of stoner rock much inspired by Muddy Waters Electric Mud and early ZZtop. The band is currently active and touring.
D&M - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
BIOGRAPHY: “For a band barely three years young, Philadelphia’s D&M has emerged from the gate so fully formed musically it’s actually a little breathtaking.” Peter Chianca, GateHouse News
D & M is a blues infused alternative pop band based out of Philadelphia, (think John Mayer meets Fun.) After meeting on the first day of college in the fall of 2009, lead singer Danny Fornasa and Matt Klahre decided to form a band, mixing their shared love of pop, blues, and rock and roll. They dubbed the band D & M. It wasn’t the most shocking name, or the most eccentric on their list, but “D & M” told the world who they were in the most honest of ways and let the music take the focus. That it did.
After playing regionally throughout 2010 they went into the studio to record “Delawanna”, a five song EP. It was released on June 23rd and was featured on such notable outlets as AOL Music, Relix, AbsolutePunk, and many more. To support the release D & M teamed up with to fan-fundraise for a national summer tour. This fan-funding project took them from coast to coast all summer, playing concerts in big cities, small cities, and even “Good Morning San Diego”.
To follow up “Delawanna” D & M released their newest record, “Wait For Me” on April 24, 2012 to critical acclaim. Recorded in Philadelphia, the band stays true to their roots, but expands their sound with help from producer Brandon Bost. It has garnered the attention of national media with favorable reviews featured on CMJ, AOL Spinner, Purevolume,, and many more. The band plans to do an expansive 7-week national tour to support “Wait For Me” and bring the live show to fans around the country.
D & M’s sound draws influences from current artists such as John Mayer and Fun., and icons like The Band and The Beatles. Danny Fornasa is the group’s lead vocalist, acoustic guitar player, and main songwriter. His expansive vocal range allows the group to write dynamic songs that keep the listener enticed track after track. Matt Klahre, the lead guitarist, returns the group’s modern pop stylings to their blues roots with melodic guitar lines and searing blues solos.
“Heartbreak noise never felt so good…”-
“D & M are just about ready to transform from relative unknown to household name.”- MOG Music Network
“Philadelphia-based D&M are a band you’ll want to know. With their alt-pop sound, and slight blues feel they offer a little something for everyone, and do so in a way that still feels original.”-
“Delawanna, has a quality that by far surpasses their years… It features a raw tinge that Brit favorites Oasis used to be known to produce… Any attempt to further compartmentalize D & M’s caliber to their wizened contemporaries would not do this band justice… They really are a band you must see in person.”- Poptimes Magazine
“Billed as a mash-up of John Mayer, fun. and Mumford & Sons, the description is accurate but also sells the group a little short, D&M rocks harder than any of those acts.”- GateHouse News
This is D & M. Listen, enjoy. Listen again, love.
The Cardinal Points - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
The Cardinal Points
For a guy with a theremin player at his disposal, singer/songwriter John Washburn is a bit too hard on himself. A thoughtful band in the Indie Britpop vein of Blur or Pulp, The Cardinal Points’ debut EP ‘I Promised You Mermaids, But The Ocean Was Empty’ finds Washburn with some mixed up plans, but good intentions nonetheless. It’s a landscape of frozen dreams and tumbling anxieties on the pounding ‘Circle the Sun’ and theremin-kissed album opener ‘The Strangest Days.’ My favorite, title track ‘I Promised You Mermaids,’ is an epic tour of these settings, where Washburn tries to repair a disappointing relationship. An impressive debut, The Cardinal Points are as bouncy as they are stark, and I’m looking forward to seeing them announce some more dates. So pack your bags and take a visit. The album is streaming on their bandcamp. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets),
King Charles the Martyr - (Set time: 7:00 PM)
King Charles the Martyr
Inspired by the temperament of Mr. Charles Edward Malcolm Berry, King Charles the Martyr aims to reconstruct the Mississippi whiskey sounds of a forgotten generation. Corrupted by the wandering radio waves and phonographic debris of their previous lives, the dizzy lads of King Charles the Martyr pump out a rock and roll mash hardly recognizable to modern ears. The up-tempo melodies spilling from the fingers and feet of King Charles demand dangerous dancing and drunk dreaming. King Charles ain't peddling gold or diamonds - unconscious gyrations and illicit speculations are the currency this band trades. So, grab a warm bourbon and a pretty lady and come break a sweat with King Charles the Martyr.
Venue Information:
Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston St.
New York, NY, 10002